How can I setup my Dash or Shiny application as a scheduled run in Domino?




  • Bjorn Robertsson

    For some users, especially if you do not log in on a regular basis, you may need to add this code to line 7 or 8:


    The above token does expire and may have a higher priority than the API key. This can cause the task to fail if you have not logged into Domino recently.

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  • Ryan

    When will Domino add this as a feature instead of requiring end users to maintain their own project files? Would prefer updates get automatically pushed, instead of getting failure notifications from legacy code. 

    Don't get me wrong though, this script is awesome and business critical. Kudos Daniel!

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  • Jaclyn Patterson

    Important to note that this works for all R/Shiny apps as well as Dash apps. The file in your projects determines what app gets published. This script, written in python, just calls an API to publish your app, so it is agnostic to the type of app you are publishing.

    Submitted by: katie.shakman

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