How to add tags to a project using the Domino API



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    To do this in R, you can use the following script:

    #store API key in environment variable
    api_key <- Sys.getenv('DOMINO_USER_API_KEY')
    #base url
    base_url <- <your deployment url> #i.e. ''
    #get user id
    url_user <- sprintf("%s/v4/users/self", base_url)
    r_user <- httr::GET(url_user, httr::add_headers('X-Domino-Api-Key'= api_key))
    user_id <-  content(r_user, as="parsed")$id
    #get project id
    project_name <- Sys.getenv('DOMINO_PROJECT_NAME')
    url_project <- sprintf("%s/v4/projects?name=%s&ownerID=%s", base_url, project_name, user_id)
    r_project <- httr::GET(url_project, httr::add_headers('X-Domino-Api-Key'= api_key))
    project_id <-  content(r_project, as="parsed")[[1]]$id
    #set project tag
    url_tags <- sprintf("%s/v4/projects/%s/tags", base_url, project_id)
    r <- httr::POST(url_tags, httr::add_headers('X-Domino-Api-Key'= api_key), 
                    body = list(tagNames=list('time-seriesR')), encode = "json")

    Submitted by: andrea.lowe

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