FAQ: Why does CLI use S3 for "client_blob_mode" by default?



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  • Jaclyn Patterson
    This has to do with how we authenticate to the file store. S3 mode authentication tends to lead to better performance but may require an extra certificate to be installed: If the user has added the CA cert for their domino url to their java keystore and are able to login, but still get errors when trying 'domino create', 'domino init', or 'domino get', they might need to add the CA cert for s3.amazonaws.com as well. If switching the 'client_blob_mode' from S3 to API resolves their CLI errors that is a strong indicator that this additional S3 cert is necessary for using the S3 blob mode. Adding this additional cert might be favorable over switching the blob mode for performance reasons.

    Submitted by: aaron.gruberg

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