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Notice: Known Issue When Restarting Dispatcher In Versions 5.3 and Later

Domino has recently identified an issue that exists in versions 5.3+ where in certain scenarios restarting the dispatcher can have unintended consequences to running executions(jobs, workspaces, apps, etc). At this time we would like to ensure that you are aware that the potential for service disruption exists. We recommend that before any dispatcher restart, system users should be notified of a maintenance window taking place.

***Dispatcher restarts are an uncommon event and are primarily required when making changes to central configuration flags and in some cases where performance degradation is observed.

Domino is testing a fix for the issue and working on plans to backport to the necessary versions.

  • If you have an upgrade or deployment in progress you have the option to pause your engagement until a patch version is available, or to continue and apply a patch version when it becomes available.
  • If you are currently on an impacted version of Domino we recommend you reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule an upgrade as soon as patched versions are available.
  • If you do not want to apply the patch at this time, please take steps to communicate with users prior to any dispatcher restart.

As always you can find the latest information about Domino version compatibility with Kubernetes to use in your planning here.

Notice: End-of-Life For Domino Versions Up To 4.6.x after June 2023

Domino product versions 1.x-4.6.x will reach official End-of-Life as of June 30, 2023. “End of Life” signifies the date after which an upgrade will be required for continued Support (Support tickets and technical inquiries will no longer be accepted for the version/release that has surpassed End-of-Life). More details are available on this public knowledge base page.

If you are still running a version nearing End-of-Life, it is recommended that you pursue ONE of the following two options:

  • BEST option: Upgrade to a supported version (5.x or later). This provides significant benefits, including updated testing and support for later Kubernetes and Linux versions, improved stability and functionality, etc. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you need assistance with your upgrade.
  • Next option: Purchase an End of Life extension (only 4.6.x will be eligible for extension in June 2023). Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you wish to extend Support.

Notice: Issue with Package installs

We have identified an issue that prevents R Studio packages from installing in the Domino console as of June 2023. The default mirror (previously hard coded) has been deprecated. Please see this knowledge base article for available solutions.

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